Nothing Heats Better than Oil

Hilltop is the smart choice for reliable home heating oil

Oil is a smart choice for heating your home. Most of the old arguments just don’t stand up. Here’s why:

Heating oil prices are stable

Advances in technology have brought us historic levels of domestic production—the U.S. is producing so much oil that we are on the way to becoming a net exporter of oil within the next 10 years. At the same time, slower growth in global demand is helping keep prices down. Scientific development has also given us heating fuels that burn cleaner than ever.

Meanwhile, big concerns continue to plague the natural gas industry. Ongoing pipeline problems result in supply slowdowns and spiking prices when cold weather increases demand.

Compared to the cost of converting to gas by updating to high-efficiency equipment you can reduce emissions, save energy, keep your heating bills down and see a better return on your investment. We offer a great selection of high-efficiency oil heating equipment, including boilers, furnaces and water heaters from the leading brands. And we have a knowledgeable team of pros to install it right, and keep it running at peak performance.

It’s easy to choose Hilltop for heating oil deliveries.

Customers throughout Northern and Central New Jersey choose Hilltop for reliable home heating oil deliveries because we make it easy. We offer a full range of convenient services to help make your life easier and your home more comfortable:

Our reasonable heating oil prices and reliable delivery services are backed up by our Legacy of Comfort, which is built on dependable, friendly, and respectful customer service 24/7.

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