Upgrading Your Heating Equipment

If your system isn’t working as efficiently as it should, or if it’s breaking down frequently, you might be spending more than you need to in order to keep your home comfortable.

Instead of pouring money into your old heating equipment, consider investing in a new, high-efficiency oil burner or furnace that can keep your home more comfortable while lowering your fuel costs over the long-term.

Count on Hilltop for expert heating system installations

Whether you need a boiler, furnace, water heater or oil tank, our heating system experts at Hilltop can answer all your questions and help you choose the right model for your needs and your budget.

It’s our job to stay up to date on the newest technology from the leading manufacturers. We’ll meet with you to assess your needs based on the size and design of your home and help you choose the right system to maximize your comfort while lowering your fuel bills. We take the time to evaluate your home’s infrastructure, discuss any comfort problems you have and listen carefully to what you want.

Because every house is unique, each job can present special challenges. When you ask us to install a new heating system, we make sure that our technicians treat every job like a custom project. They take the time to get the job done right, to ensure maximum efficiency and the best return on your investment.

Is it time to replace your heating system?

Well-maintained heating equipment can last for years. But if you’re experiencing frequent breakdowns or your fuel bills suddenly seem higher than normal, it is probably time to consider a new system. New heating equipment is far more efficient—you’ll see lower fuel bills right away, not to mention the money you’ll save on repair costs. If your heating system is 25 years old or more, you can probably expect to cut your fuel bills in half.

We sell and install oil tanks, boilers, furnaces and water heaters from the most trusted manufacturers, at competitive prices:

Hilltop also sells and installs modern thermostats that can help you maximize your energy savings and customize comfort throughout your home.

We are dedicated to providing unsurpassed service and quality for heating equipment installation, maintenance and repair. Hilltop’s technicians bring the same level of expertise and high standards to every job, whether it’s a new system installation, an emergency repair or a routine tune-up. We also offer service plans and perform repair and maintenance work on both oil and gas equipment.

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