Seven cost-effective ways to save on your late winter / early spring energy bills

save heatingBelieve it or not, we will soon be heading into the last month of winter 2018/19 – but that doesn’t mean your heating equipment is finished for the season, or that your heating bills will stop any time soon (since average temperatures in our NJ service area can dip into the 50s well into May).

But with a little planning and some simple changes in your lifestyle, you can keep those bills as low as possible!

Here are some cost-effective ways to help you save energy in the weeks ahead:

Stay warm and save money this heating season with these cost-effective tips and tricks. Want another smart tip? Replace your old, inefficient boiler or furnace with a new, high-efficiency heating system from Hilltop Energy. A furnace or boiler upgrade could save you as much as 30-40 percent on your heating bills every month – enough to pay for the replacement in just a few years.

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