What’s That Whistling Sound Coming from My Oil Tank?

Hearing sound

If you’ve been a heating oil customer for a while, this is probably a familiar scenario for you: your heating oil delivery crew arrives one cold winter morning (as scheduled, if your delivery is from Hilltop Energy) and from your basement you hear an unmistakable, but unfamiliar, sound: whistling.

Don’t worry! That sound is perfectly normal.

In addition to the star of the show – the heating oil storage tank – your heating oil storage system has a cast of supporting characters, including the fill pipe, vent pipe and vent alarm. When a delivery crew starts pumping heating oil into your tank, that oil pushes air through the vent alarm, which is located between your tank and vent pipe. That air makes your vent alarm whistle; when the whistling stops, the tank is nearly full.

The vent alarm is an important device designed to prevent overfilling and spillage – remember, the tank in your basement is out of eye-shot from the driver, but not out of earshot. The alarm let’s your delivery team know that the fill up is nearly complete.

It’s important to note that if the vent alarm on your oil-fired heating system is not working, safety codes do not permit our drivers to deliver your heating oil! And while we are on the topic of codes, here are some other things you should know about what the laws says regarding your heating system:

Have any questions about your oil storage system? Contact the experts at Hilltop today for answers – or for reliable heating oil deliveries all winter long to your NJ home.